Levantine, Paris

First night on our Paris trip and we were HUNGRY. So we decided to go to a great-sounding restaurant with dishes to share. One thing in Paris that might be a bit strange for you if you’re not European, or especially not French, are the opening times of the restaurants. Just like most restaurants, Levantine opens during the week from 12-3pm and then from 7pm to 11pm. On the weekends they are open from 12pm to 11/11.30pm.

Coming in this sweet little restaurant, you feel welcome right away. The warm and cozy design greets you with wonderful colours and lots of pictures.


The menu is vegan and vegetarian, all vegan options are marked on the menu and therefore it’s super easy to navigate through. You can find their menu here. With all the choices it was hard to make ours, but finally we decided to take the Falafel (I mean, we needed to try the classic on the menu).


The hummus of the week, which was with mushrooms and was so amazing that it inspired our own Mushroom-Szechuan Hummus.


The eggplant with Tahini. It was grilled and then filled with tahini and pomegranate. So so tasty!


The tabouleh salad. This. salad. Omg, I think it was seriously the best tabouleh salad I’ve ever eaten in my life. We tried our own version after, but to be honest, nothing beats this one!


And finally (as if we didn’t have enough food on our small table already), their homemade Manouche bread.


Here you can see our full table again:


The hummus comes with as much bread as you’d like (the one in the bottom left corner on the picture) which we didn’t know, so that’s why we ordered additional bread.


All in all it was a wonderful evening, the food was super delicious, some of the best Mediterranean food I’ve ever eaten, even though I’ve been to countries like Morocco before. We had food for around 29 Euro, which is a normal price class in Paris. We definitely didn’t go home hungry for that money, like you do in some other restaurants for the same price. The staff was super friendly and kept asking if we need/want something else. Oh and also, the bathroom is amazing, haha:


You can find their website here.

They also have a Facebook page.

And an Instagram account.

Now I think I gotta go make some more of that hummus, writing this made me hungry! 😀

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