Vegan Sugar Shack, Val David (Vegan Canteen)


The other weekend, Joël and I went to check out the vegan Sugar Shack (Cabane à Sucre) of the Vegan Canteen in Val-David and despite some bad reviews about their opening weekend, we were absolutely not disappointed! The food was sooo good. So we decided to write a little review, because we find those bad reviews do not fit to what we saw. Here I also want to add that they had difficulties with the electricity on the opening weekend, so if you already checked it out on that weekend and didn’t like it, I strongly recommend to give it another chance!


Vegan Canteen is not necessarily a traditional Sugar Shack, but in our opinion (or in Joël’s opinion because I have never been to one before) more of a restaurant with a Sugar Shack menu. Nevertheless, the interior design is super cute and cosy, we really felt well there. The small restaurant only has 25 seats to keep the atmosphere familiar. The menu is rich and diverse and also most of it is gluten-free or available as a gluten-free version!


The waitress was really nice and explained everything about the menu you wanted to know. Service is available in English, as well as in French. They also have a shop with homemade vegan cheese and meats which is definitely worth checking out. In the restaurant itself we sadly weren’t sure where to buy it and in the end so full that we didn’t bother asking anymore, we had enough food for the day, haha!


First thing that got served was a little “boat” with several spreads and baguette. The spreads were all delicious and even we were sceptic with some of them, we loved them all. There was:

  • Smoked applewood cheddar
  • Vegan caviar
  • Bourbon, apple and maple vegan bacon jam (this is one we were sceptic of, but believe me, it is SO good)
  • Smoked beet chutney
  • Creton (faux-pork spread)

All of this came with fresh baguette and if there was not enough baguette you could always have another portion.


After a short break, the next delicacy got already served, a yellow pea soup with vegan ham. It was delicious and a good size of the portion.


When we saw the main course coming, we instantly regretted (and also not, because it was good :-P) that we took a second portion of baguette with the spreads. A nicely arranged plate full of amazingly smelling goodies! What you can see on this plate is the following:

  • Tofu scramble with caramelized onions
  • House made maple faux meat
  • Potato salad
  • Crab cakes
  • Red Cabbage Sauerkraut
  • Meatpie

Especially the meatpie served in a glass was a cute idea! We had difficulties finishing the plate, but we succeeded with lots of breaks. Then they brought vegan buttermilk pancakes, which we shared one, there was no more space left in our stomach.

After a bit of a longer break (which was really needed) the dessert was served, which I forgot to take a picture of in my food coma. It was a maple pecan nut pie and maple cotton candy. Luckily it was only a small portion, I think none of the guests could’ve eaten any more.

Additionally to all the food you could have as much coffee, tea, water and house made apple cider as you wanted. Our experience with this Sugar Shack menu was really great and we would not hesitate to go there next year again.

You want to taste all these goodies too? There are still spots left on their page hurry before they are gone!


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