Café Ignaz, Munich

On our trip to Germany last year for Christmas, we went to see friends in Munich. After the 3 hours car drive we were super hungry and found a cute café in the city. Café Ignaz is a Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant, with a separate Vegan menu, which is quite extensive. The prices are good for what you get, especially in an expensive city like Munich. We had leftovers that we just could not fit anymore. It was no problem to get the food packed for take out. Sadly they only have normal plastic containers.


First we both had a broccoli and sweet potato cream soup. It was absolutely delicious and appreciated on a cold day like this one was. It was included in our two menus, mine was a soup/salad or dessert and a main course for 8.90 Euro and Joël’s choice was a soup or salad, a dessert and a main course for 12,90 Euro, which we find really fair!


The dish in the picture above was Joël’s main dish, which was Schupfnudeln (German potato noodles, watch out for a recipe to come soon!) with coconut milk (exotic!) and several vegetables, topped with Rucola. SO GOOD!

edited_1020130This beautiful dish was my choice – mushroom couscous Risotto. It was just such a big portion that I could not eat it and we took the rest for take-out.

The owner of the restaurant is a joyful guy who is super friendly, had no problem speaking English with Joël and was very attentive. All in all our experience at Café Ignaz was a 10/10, would go there again!

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