Review: Mamalicious, Hamburg

When we went to Hamburg on our Germany trip, we stayed in the fancy and in the same time trashy neighborhood “Sternschanze” or how most of the residents of Hamburg just call it “Schanze”. We only had 1.5 days there and we wanted to meet some friends, so not much time to explore restaurants. Even more happy we were when we figured that right next to our Hostel there was a vegetarian breakfast restaurant with loooooots of vegan options (yayy!). I apologize for the dark picture but that’s sadly the only one we have, as we did not have much time and lots of hunger. All in all the restaurant was A-MAZING though. Seriously, I would call this the best scrambled tofu ever. It was cheezy and creamy, full of flavor. You can actually choose what you want to have in it, there’s a full list from vegan and non vegan cheese up to sun dried tomatoes, smoked tofu, spring onions and more!

Joel was very happy that they also had an English menu, which is sometimes rare to find in Germany. Also with 8.20 € for the scrambled tofu there’s nothing more to say than: You must try this!


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