Review: “My Heart Beats Vegan” in Germany, Karlsruhe

When I went through our pictures of our Germany trip last year, I found these pictures of one of my absolute favorite vegan restaurants and I thought I shouldn’t keep them for myself. If you travel to Germany, you already have a lot of vegan options and you won’t stay hungry. This restaurant though, was the first completely vegan one in Karlsruhe and it is well known and loved until today.

So it was my birthday, that we decided to definitely not miss out on going there, when we’re already in Germany. I’ve been there once before and already loved it, so I wanted to show it to Joël. It was better than I remembered and Joël was instantly convinced too by the comfiness, the prices, and of course, the taste!

“Boston Steakhouse”

Joël took the Boston Steakhouse, which is a grilled soy-steak, tomato-pepper sauce, caramelized onions, tomatoes, fresh onions, smoked tofu and lettuce. It was all super fresh and delicious!

“Thai Sweet Chili”

I had the Thai Sweet Chili burger and it was definitely the perfect sweet/spicy mix! It was super crispy and well composed. It is a soy-patty, sweet chili sauce, mayo, grilled zucchini, fresh and roasted onions, tomatoes and lettuce burger. Mhh so good!

Sour Cream Fries

We also shared some of their delicious sour cream fries. I find it difficult to make a good vegan sour cream, but this one really nailed it! The croutons on top gave it an additional crunch. Besides the food, they also have homemade drinks, and we took the homemade lemonade, which was amazing!

Then, even though we already had birthday cake, we had to try the cakes! They just looked too good to leave without trying them. (In the end, we took half of the cakes for take out, but it was worth it)

They have an always changing cake menu and it’s always super delicious! So even if you’re only looking for the typical German “coffee and cake”, you should try My Heart Beats Vegan.



All in all, we can only say that the restaurant is top! Everything was super delicious and the restaurant has a comfy design. The prices are pretty good too (Burgers between 7.90€ – 9.20€, Fries with Sour Cream 4,90€ and the cakes all around 3.90€). They also sell some vegan groceries like chocolate, cookies, oats, olives etc. a bit like a little bio super market. We can only recommend the whole experience!


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